Science Has Its Place But It Is Not God

Are some making too much of Science? Are some giving Science more credit than it deserves? Is Science the Saviour? Science does have its place by it far from being God?

Science does have its place.

We have to give credit where credit is due. I would not be typing an article to post on the internet if it wasn’t for Science. I would not be able to see the keyboard, if it wasn’t for Science inventing light bulbs, heaters, and my glasses. So we all should appreciate some of the things that Science has done.

On the other hand, it was also

Science that invented guns, bombs, and many toxic chemicals. No, Science is far from being God.

Is science our Saviour?

If we continue to kill each other with the latest weapons of war, Science may turn out to be the cause of our destruction. If we continue to pollute our planet with all the inventions, Science may just choke us to death. At this time Science does not look so good.

Television and technology is creating a world where communication is diminishing and relationships are not as close as we would want them

to be. Science may be causing as many problems as it solves. Science is not our Saviour!

Science has to be used properly.

If Science is used properly than it will be a boon for mankind. If Science is misused than it will be a bane for mankind. It’s not the fault of Science. It will be that mankind has misused Science. Science can explain what, how, and when. God can tell us why. God made Science. Science did not make God.

Science can tell us much about our wonderful planet and our large universe. It can improve our lives and make our lives happier. Science has to be kept in its proper place. It is not God. It cannot give us true happiness. It cannot give us everlasting life. Only God can do that! Science has its place but it is far from being God!

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