Religious People That Actually Practice Their Religion

There are many thousands of religions in the world today. We expect religion to teach people how be better people, how to be people with good morals and high standards. The question is: how many people actually practice their religion, how many people put religion is action, how many religious people do we actually have to whom their religion is more than just words?

The answer to that question, from viewing the state of the world, is that it is not the majority of people and far from it. The habits and practices of many people is far from our expectations

of religious people.

Thankfully there are some like the golf course employee that found $36,000 and whose conscience did not permit her to keep it, even though the amount was more than what she earns in a year. Instead of keeping it, she turned it over to the police because she believed that it was the right thing to do. [1] How many religious people would return a large amount of money that they found that didn’t belong to them?

Thankfully there are people like the young school girl whose conscience did not permit her to recognize Adolf Hitler as some kind of Messiah and refused to Heil Hitler. [2] Since at the time of WW2 most people were religious, would there even have been a WW2 if most people had refused to go along and give their

support to that madman? If there were more people like these people, the world would be a different place.

In Luke 6:46 (NWT), Jesus said: “Why, then, do YOU call me ‘Lord! Lord!’ but do not do the things I say?” Religion should be practiced to be of any value. Religious people must practice a religion that has good morals. Their conduct must be one that is worthy of imitation.

Religious people must practice a religion that gives credit to them and to the God they worship. If religious people are worse than non-religious people of what value is that religion?

There should be more people that actually practice a religion that makes better people and that would give credit to religion, to the adherents and to the God that they worship!


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[1] Honest Miami golf course employees returns $36,000 to owner

[2] The Schoolgirl The Nazis and The Purple Triangles


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