(part 3): What Are The Lessons We Need To Learn When It Comes To Freedom, Rights And Responsibilities?

We must go back to the garden! The Garden of Eden on an earth-wide scale is where we belong. Don’t we enjoy gardens, parks, and beautiful areas with lots of greenery, fruit trees and vegetables?

So we have to go back to the Garden of Eden because there are so many lessons that we can learn from this historical account, that we need to learn from what happened there and how it has effected history and where we have ended. If we learn the lessons we can benefit for eternity. If we don’t want to learn the lessons the we will

disappear from existence just like Adam and Eve. What are the lessons that we need to learn when it comes to freedom and rights?

* Respect the property of others. Look what happened when Adam and Eve stole something that did not belong to them? They stole the fruit and what it represented and implied and sin (evil inclinations) and death resulted.

* That we can only be free if we respect the freedom and rights of others including God. We must do onto others what we want to be done unto us. We must never encroach on the freedom and rights of

others. There is a Supreme lawgiver and breaking any of his laws, starts a painful and disastrous chain of events which will lead to destruction, total annihilation.

* No one has the total freedom or absolute freedom to disrupt the peace and security of other people.

* Freedom in anything has to be used responsibly. I can take a container of paint and I am free to paint my wall in any color I want but am I free to paint my neighbors car?

* Man has freedom but within limits. Only God is totally free to do whatever he wants because He has perfect control, perfect balance and can never abuse it.

In conclusion: We must think not only about our freedom but also the freedom and rights of others and the obligatory responsibilities that comes with it. Only then can we all enjoy the true freedom that brings true peace and security!

Discussion starts in Part 1: Do We Know What We Are Talking About When We Speak About Freedom?

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