My Life Story: The Many Angels In My Life (part One)

My life story has a lot to do with the many angels, both invisible and visible, that have come into my life. The angels that have come into my life have made me rich beyond my wildest dreams. They have brought me joy that is immeasurable. They have brought me life that is unending. If life can be so good in this crazy world, I can hardly imagine what’s in store for us in the world to come.

For this: I will ever be grateful to all the many angels that have had such a wonderful impact on my life. Telling

my story is an act of concrete appreciation and an expression of deep gratitude for the role these many angels have played in my life. Hopefully you can take away something positive from my story that will contribute to making your own life happier, richer and better.

The basic meaning of the word angel is messenger. What does a messenger do? He brings messages (some positive, some negative), parcels or packages.

There are probably billions of angels and some of them are involved with our lives. My very first angels that I know are my father and mother who caused my birth and have somewhat shaped my life in various directions, some for good and some that needed adjustments. Yes, we can learn something positive from all teachings, some we should make our own and some we should discard with the garbage.

These angels, my parents delivered or brought life to me. Even if I am not grateful for all things that they gave me or taught me, for this I will be eternally grateful. They began my existence. How my life will continue and how it will end, will now be up to me. They do not exercise control over that. I will take what I can use and discard anything that I view as detrimental to my eternal existence and joy.

They were in no way perfect! Still, their heart was in the right place and they did their best with what they knew and had.

Over all, I have been blessed with two caring parents and I know that not all have had that blessing. Their goodness will stay with me for eternity. Thank you Heavenly Father for sending these two angels into my life!

My parents were humble folks. They were simple country folks. They both were born the same year while WWI was raging. They were both orphans, so they had to learn so much on their own. They did not let their circumstances stop them from dreaming. They overcame their disasters. They moved on. This was passed on to me. I inherited this trait of moving on when failure or disaster struck me.

It was in me not to stay in the past, not to wallow too long in the quicksand that could engulf me and would swallow me if I stayed there. I inherited the urge and will to move on. One cannot stay in quicksand, it is a sure death. One has to find a way out. There always exists a way out. One has to reach out and welcome and embrace one of the angels that makes their appearance just at the right time, just when you need an angel the most.

I remember that even Jesus needed encouragement and support at certain difficult times (after being tempted by the devil, when all his friends did not appreciate the enormity of the trials he was about to face) and the angels appeared to provide what he needed at those times.

This will be a continuous story for some time. As I have time, I will continue it. I will come back and make adjustments and add details that will come back to me as I think back to the many angels in my life.

My Life Story: the Many Angels in my Life (Part Two)

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