My Action Plan To Reach 2000 Views On Expertscolumn In A Single Day In The Next 3 Months (part 2)

The mind is an amazing organ! Once in gear, it just keeps on going and it picks up speed . Here are more ideas on how to get 2000 views on Expertscolumn in one single day. I wish you success in your goals. Remember; to set a goal, get an action-plan and set a date and go for it!

4) A few days before you plan to work on your goal, start collecting ideas for articles that you will write. Get some paper and as ideas come then write every thought down. Write every detail that comes into your head. This

way, on the day you set your plan in action, you will not start with a blank, but with already a few ideas with which you can start the fire going.

5) Try to write each article on a single idea or question, this way you will have multiple articles on a subject. Remember that, usually, a person doing a search has one single idea in mind. So, one article per idea! If you were going to write articles on getting rid of pests then write one article on

mosquitoes, one on flies, and another on fruit flies.

6) As you are writing your articles and run dry, then take a break, do some exercise, take a walk. You will see that ideas will start to come and so make sure you have a pen and paper handy to write these ideas down, so that you don’t forget them. A portable recorder is even better, as sometimes ideas come at a mile a minute and pen and paper is too slow to write the ideas fast enough.

7) If you are writing an article and it’s taking time and another idea pops into your head, put the first article aside for later and work on the hot idea. When a hot idea comes, it is amazing how fast an article gets finished.

Remember, that you can do anything that you set your mind on. You just need a little motivation. The motivation is you. As you succeed then success will become your motivation is going on and achieving even more goals. All the best!

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