My Action Plan To Reach 2000 Views On Expertscolumn In A Single Day In The Next 3 Months (part 1)

Those who have read my previous article; 1712 Views in One Single Day- How to Increase Your Expertscolumn Views? will remember how ecstatic I was about that achievement. My next goal is to have 2000 views in one single day. How will I accomplish that? What is my action plan?

The key is the same with any goal and that is to have a goal and a specific time-limit time because once you set your mind to do something then the mind will make sure you succeed. Your mind will furnish the ideas to accomplish the goal.

So what has my mind

come up so that I can achieve that goal? What action plan has it come up with?

One must set a date and then do it. I have set a date for that accomplishment. I’m not concerned if it doesn’t work that day because I will just set another day and will have learned some valuable lessons in trying.

Like they say:

1) Practice makes perfect.

2) If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

3) Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve! I’m a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and goal-setting. When I used to work in sales, I always set my mind that I was going to make a sale and then

went and did it. I was in sales for some 40 years.

Here are a few ideas I will put into action:

1) I will start writing early in the morning and keep writing until I reach my goal or the day ends.

2) The more views each article gets, the sooner I will reach my goal. So, I will try to write articles that will have a wide appeal and serve some purpose. The more valuable each article is, the more chances there are that the reader will read some other of my articles.

3) If an article gets too long or I get another idea that can be developed separately then I will write another article. If the reader likes the first article, he may then read the second, or third.

My mind is in gear and if I get any more ideas how to reach 2000 views on Expertscolumn in a single day, you can be sure there will be a follow-up article in which I will share these ideas. We can help each other and if one succeeds then we all succeed.

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