Multitasking (part 1): What Is It And How Can You Learn To Use It Wisely?

Multitasking is the skill of being able to do successfully, more than one task at the same time. Why do I call it a skill? The reason is that not all things combine well in multitasking and not all things are safe to do at the same time. So the trick is to learn what tasks can be combined well and can be done at the same time. So how can you learn the skill of multitasking wisely so that you can make life more exciting, save time, and accomplish more?

Let me illustrate a few things that are easy and

safe to multitask:

Some very simple things to multitask, just to make a point, are walking and chewing gum, walking and whistling or walking and talking to a friend.

Let me enumerate a few things that do not combine well and should not be done at the same time:

Driving a vehicle and sleeping is not a wise thing or a safe thing to do, neither is driving and drinking alcohol, nor driving and texting. Doing any of these things at the same time is dangerous to life and limb and should never be done.

As much as I encourage reading the Bible, that also should not be done while driving. However, one can get a Bible recording on CD or MP3 and listen to someone else doing the reading while driving.

In fact, many have found it very relaxing while commuting to work in slow-moving traffic or while recuperating from an illness as they lie in bed.

Let me enumerate a few things that can be multitasked that will save time and make life more enjoyable:

Watching your favorite TV program and doing your exercises. Doing some reading and taking some sun. Going for a walk and inviting a friend to enjoy some pleasant association.

Can you see that there are many things that can be multitasked wisely and to one’s benefit? The trick is to just put a thinking cap and as you do one thing, think of something else that could be done at the same time, safely and profitably.

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