Multitasking (part 3): What Activities Combine Well When It Comes To Multitasking?

We have already seen in previous articles that not all activities combine well when it comes to multitasking. So, what activities combine well when it comes to multitasking?

Yes, driving and texting is just one example of a bad and dangerous combination when it comes to multitasking. So we need to think clearly on what to combine and what not to combine.

What would be some good examples of things that could be combined so that we accomplish more with the time that we have?

* Let’s say we are either jogging or walking and we were to do it inside an empty

baseball field; then we could be listening to recordings of the Bible, or listen to lessons on learning a different language that we wanted to learn or even listen to the reading of a book. On an empty baseball field, there is little danger of accidents happening. We should always be conscious of doing things that are safe and will not cause us harm.

* We can combine watching TV with a number of safe activities. We can jump on a rebounder, walk on the spot, jog on the spot or just have fun dancing. I have done it and it’s pretty safe. What else? We could do stretching exercises also or also different calisthenics exercises.

* What can one combine with visiting a friend or when going to any destination? Always have a piece of paper handy.

Whenever you realize you need something, write it down. So whenever you are going out anywhere, including a place of worship, look at your list of items. Will you be passing a store that has some of the items you need? If yes, make a quick stop, purchase the needed items and then go on your way. You can save a lot of time this way. Also, when in the store, pass by some items that you always purchase and see if they are on sale, if they are stock up and save some money.

These few ideas is just to get you thinking. Whenever you do something, always think if there is another task that you could combine to save time and get more done by using your skill of multitasking.

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