Is It Wrong To Engage In Premarital Sex?

Is premarital sex wrong? What’s wrong with engaging in premarital sex? Why is premarital sex wrong? Why should someone be married in order to have sex?

These are definitely important questions that need sound and wise answers.

What is the sex act? Is it just something someone does for fun or something that someone does just because they feel like doing it? Or is there more to it than that?

Is it wrong to engage in premarital sex? Why should one need to get married in order to have sex?

What can be the result of having sex? Children! Doesn’t it take someone responsible

to care for a precious life, a precious child that may be produced? Don’t children need responsible adults to raise, train and care for them?

Since children can be produced through the sexual act and caring for children is a big responsibility, shouldn’t responsible adults who love one another and have made a commitment to one another be the only ones that should have sex? After all, isn’t raising children a twenty year project, give or take a few years?

That being the case, can two people that are just looking for some fun, responsibly care for children that might be produced?

Because the results of the sexual act can be a huge responsibility, doesn’t that call for those that engage in the sexual act to be serious, responsible adults? We don’t allow young, irresponsible youths to drive an automobile, so why would we sanction them to engage in sex?

In order to drive a car one needs a licence. Can one just take a car and drive or should one have some instructions? Doesn’t it take control and responsibility to drive a car and is it not the same with sex?

The sexual urge is a powerful force. Power needs to be controlled. Uncontrolled power, such as a hurricane, rarely does something positive.

What’s love got to do with it? Why is the sexual act, often referred to as making love? So shouldn’t love be a factor when it comes to having sex?

Is the marriage contract just a sheet of

paper? Can someone who doesn’t have a licence practice medicine? No! Why? Because of the serious ramifications that may result. Is not the birth of a child also a serious ramification of the sexual act?

Is not the marriage agreement a commitment or an intention to agree to show a certain amount of loyalty and respect for a person that will do the same to us?

The car has to be bought; one just doesn’t take any car they see and start to drive. That would be stealing.

Would you accept a ride in an automobile driven by someone that is irresponsible, someone that doesn’t have a driver’s licence, and someone that doesn’t care what happens to the car or the passengers? Would you accept a ride in an automobile, if the automobile had no steering wheel and no breaks? What will be the results of putting your life and body in the hands of such a driver with such an automobile?

Like a car out of control, passions that are out of control can only be an invitation to disaster.
And what’s wrong with a little patience? Why is one in such a hurry to have sex? Aren’t things done the proper way give better results?

Yes, sex is wonderful and if done right, it’s amazing. It is a loving expression that should be done between two people that love each other and have a licence, a marriage licence, to practice, while premarital sex is an invitation to disaster. Premarital sex is wrong, no matter which way you look at it!

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