Is It Healthy To Eat The Seeds Of Fruits? Does It Make Sense To Eat The Seeds?

Is it healthy to eat the seeds of fruits? Does it make sense to eat the seeds? Grape seeds, apple seeds, apricot pits, and so on. Are they edible? Are they designed for human consumption and digestion?

Some say that the seeds contain a lot of nutrients. That may be so but I don’t think we should eat them! Why?

I’m not going to debate the scientific and medicinal approach as that is out of my league. Besides nutrition and medicine are two different approaches to health.

But looking at things from the logical and common sense approach I would say they are

not designed for human consumption and digestion.

Whenever I’ve eaten watermelon seeds, they seem to come out the same way they went in. Obviously the stomach enzymes and acids are unable to digest them. Does that not tell us something?

A lot of the seeds seem to be very bitter and not very palatable, like the grape seeds and the apple seeds. Have you ever noticed how bitter is the seed of an orange or how sharp the seeds of the globe grapes are or how big is the seed of

the mango? If we swallow a few seeds, it won't harm us as they go out the same way they go in. We may actually do the plant a favor by scattering the seeds when our body expels them and thus allow those seeds to grow plants elsewhere. What I mean, is not to chew the seeds because that releases material that was not meant to be eaten. The seed is for the purpose of creating a new plant.

I think that rather than eating them we should just plant them and grow more of the fruit and enjoy eating the fresh juicy and sweet pulp around the seeds. That tastes so much better!

I’m just wondering out loud here. I’m just expressing my opinion and looking at things from my point of view!

I think I’ll just continue to delight in eating the sweet juicy part of the fruit and disregard the seeds.

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