If You Always Give A Little More Than Is Asked, You Will Get Back A Lot More!

If you always give a little more than you are asked to do, you will always get back a lot more! THe generous person always gains more in the end. How many people actually understand this basic principle of the universe and of God?

It is only lately in my sixties that I have actually seen the results come true, more than I ever thought would happen.

Today’s (April 6, 2012) experience! I decided to clean around the building where I live. Since it was a pleasant day, and I had a bit of time, I thought it might be good exercise.


I started to clean when the lady who lives upstairs, and pays for the driveway and garden, came and saw me cleaning. She said (in a kind manner) that I didn’t have to that, since it’s her responsibility and not mine. So I replied: I know I don’t have to do it but I want to do it. (Mark 1:41)

She went into the garage and brought out a more efficient broom with which to do the job. Then she said that I could park my car in a corner of the driveway if I wanted and that I could use a bit of the garden to plant some vegetables. Amazing, I thought! That’s where I got the inspiration to write this article.

Let’s illustrate this basic principle of giving a little more and receiving a lot more in return.

Let’s say you plant an apple seed. It takes some time, actually many years, before you get any apples. You just planted one seed and many years later you get a bumper crop

of apples and you will have a lot more seeds to plant more apples trees if you desire. However it all starts with the planting of one apple seed. The effort is well rewarded.

I thought back of how many times the principle of giving a little more and getting back a lot more blessed my life. I had been a button salesman in the needle trade for many years. I realized early that if I put even one button less in the order, I would get a complaint.

However when I started to put a couple of dozens of extra buttons in each order, I never got a complaint. However, I did get more back from increased orders and customer trust and satisfaction.

Also, since I maintained customer loyalty because I treated every customer that way, then I didn’t have to work as hard to get new orders. Often, my customers would recommend me to their friends and I got more customers that way. Yes, my giving a little more always brought back a lot more.

The principle of giving a little more and getting a lot more back comes from the Bible, so it has been around for a long time. (Proverbs 11:25; Luke 6:38) I have seen the wisdom of its application countless times in my life. Try it; it may well work for you too!

Article Written By 1hopefulman

I am a researcher, a writer, a poet and most important a truth-seeker in all subjects and matters under the sun. My favorite, all-time book is the Holy Bible.This is what I like to write about. Please visit often and see what I have discovered.

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