How To Unblock Writerís Block And Get Writing Again?

Every writer sometimes thinks that they have run out of ideas to write about. They have what is called writer’s block, where they seem to have nothing more to write about. When someone has this dilemma, what can they do to overcome or unblock writer’s block?

When a sink gets blocked what does one do? They get a plunger and start to work at removing the blockage. What would be like a plunger to one who has writer’s block?

A writer may need to go and do something to reactivate the creative juices. What kind of activities could one do and thus

remove the writer’s block?

Sometimes a little distraction will attract fresh ideas.

Here are a few suggestions:

Check the news and see what is going on in the world. You may be inspired by some event that is going on in somewhere that inspires you.

Pick up a newspaper or a magazine. You may read something interesting that produces a writing idea.

Go for a nice walk to a park and relax a bit. Doing that will de-stress you and remove some of the pressure. When

one is relaxed, fresh ideas will flow more easily.

Take a walk where there are lots of people and just casually observe the people. You can also observe the surroundings: buildings, people working, anything and everything.

Do some vigorous exercise. This will get the blood circulating in the head and will add more oxygen to the body and start moving things again.

Always have a pen and paper handy so that you can jot down any idea that pops into your head. Once the writer’s block starts to unblock, you may be surprised at the speed of ideas flowing into your brain.

So when you get writer’s block, don’t panic, it happens. Just do something else. Change the scenery. Before long, you will have overcome writer’s block and ideas are flowing again.

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