How To Turn Sorrows Into Joys, Negatives Into Positives?

Can one really turn negative things and situations into positives? Can one really turn sorrows into joys? How does one do that?

Isn’t it by the way we view things? Isn’t it by our perception of things?

Let’s look at a few examples.

You wake up one morning and during the night it has snowed and there are a couple of feet of snow on the ground. What a mess! How will you get to work? Your day is ruined!

Now let’s look at it from a different perspective.

You wake up one morning and during the night it snowed heavily and there’s a lot

of snow on the ground. With so much snow, it’s going to be hard to get to work. So you decide to unhook the phone, crawl back into bed and catch up on your sleep.

Later you decide that you are going to get your exercise by shovelling your sidewalk, driveway and from digging out your car. Still later you decide to relax and watch a movie. At the end of the day you go to bed satisfied and thank God for a wonderful day.

Everything can be looked from different perspectives.

You notice you are losing your hair.

Don’t panic! Think of how easy it will be to wash your scalp from now on, the money you will save from haircuts and hair care.

Think of all the money that was made by the movie, Titanic. Originally it was a disaster of monumental proportions. Yet, someone saw the potential to make a lot of money from a disaster and they did.

Some have found treasures amidst junk, antiques in attics, and brilliant ides from nightmares.

Remember even manure can be sold as fertilizer So if you have a lot of manure coming your way don’t quickly dump it down the toilet, see if you can sell it as fertilizer?

Whatever sad or negative thing comes your way, see if you can do something positive with it. See if you can turn the sorrow into a joy and a negative into a positive!

Article Written By 1hopefulman

I am a researcher, a writer, a poet and most important a truth-seeker in all subjects and matters under the sun. My favorite, all-time book is the Holy Bible.This is what I like to write about. Please visit often and see what I have discovered.

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