How To Protect Oneself From The Dangers Of Cell Phones

Are cell phones dangerous to our health? How can we protect ourselves from the dangers posed by cell phones? Would it not be best to take precautions than be sorry?

What are the dangers of using cell phones?

1) We do not need to prove that driving and using the cell phone poses a great risk. Never drive and use a cell phone. If you absolutely must use the cell phone, then park the car in a safe place and use the cell phone.

2) Walking and using a cell phone can also pose a risk if we are texting and not watching

where we are going.

3) Also, cell phones emit radiation, even if it is low, that can pose a long-term risk to our health.

How can we minimize the exposure of radiation that is given off by our cell phones? What precautions can we take?

These days, it is very hard to make do without a cell phone as we may need to keep ourselves available and they are handy in an emergency.

However there are wise precautions we can take so that we minimize harm to ourselves.


are some sensible precautions can we take when using our cell phone?

1) Only use them for emergencies and keep the calls as short as possible. Use a landline for longer conversations. Free or inexpensive phone lines are now available online.

2) Use a hand-free device or use the loudspeaker and don’t even touch the phone if it is possible.

3) Do not carry the phone directly on your body if possible. In the car, put the phone on the back-seat just to know that you have received a call and check who called and call back when you reach a safe destination.

4) At home put the phone far from you. Do not go to sleep with your cell close by.

We cannot do without a cell phone and they are practical and useful. However, let us be judicious and use our cell phones wisely and safely.

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