How To Never Run Out Of Things To Write About?

Is it possible to never run out of ideas for things to write articles about? From where do we get new ideas for things to write articles about? Letís face it! There is nothing new under the sun. What can we write about that no one else has written about? So how do we never run out of things to write about? We are each very special and can give a fresh viewpoint to any subject. So even if a subject has been often covered or discussed, it has not been covered by us and that can make a world of difference. Everything
we write about can be given a unique perspective. No one else looks at things or life the same way that we do. We are unique. We are thinking all the time. Ideas are coming into our brains continually, so the minute an idea or a thought comes to mind, we should quickly write it down with all related thoughts that touch on the subject. Then when we have time, transfer the information to print and work with it until an article has taken life. Everything we see or know, any subject, any event, or anything that we do can be shaped into an article. We just have to get to work and let our creative juices and talents work and produce an article. Just open a newspaper. Take any headline and write about it from our perspective. Change the wording a bit. Donít bother reading the story. You donít want to be influenced by somebody elseís perspective. Write the article first

and then read and enjoy the story. Look in the dictionary. Take a word and starting writing subject lines using that word. Get some paper and just start scribbling ideas that come into your head and play with it until you come up with an interesting angle. Example: liquidate (I just opened the dictionary to a random page and picked a random word: liquidate) Now letís start writing themes. Let the imagination go! Here I go: What would the world be like if everyone was liquidated? Have you had to liquidate? Would you be interested in some liquidation? Why is everyone out to liquidate us? What would do if your best friend was liquidated? Thereís five stories right there. Itís not that hard to come up with ideas and story lines to follow. Iím going to go to CNN and pick a subject: This was on the front page a story about a blizzard somewhere. Here are some stories you can write about: Have you ever been caught up in a bad blizzard? Lost in a blizzard- what to do? The day a blizzard blanketed New York (or wherever we live)! I couldnít see anything because of the blizzard! The fun of driving in a blizzard! Just take a piece of paper, pick a word, a subject and start writing, before long youíll come with something interesting. Why? Because you are an interesting person! And no one can write the way you do? Right?

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I am a researcher, a writer, a poet and most important a truth-seeker in all subjects and matters under the sun. My favorite, all-time book is the Holy Bible.This is what I like to write about. Please visit often and see what I have discovered.

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