How To Naturally Have Beautiful, Healthy, Strong Hair

Everybody wants beautiful healthy hair. Here are a few good tips on how to have beautiful, healthy, strong hair. They only take a few minutes of your time and cost very little. Why not try them and see what happens? You just might be pleasantly surprised!

Good tips for healthy hair:

1) Eat lots of fresh, uncooked, fruits and vegetables and greens like spinach, dandelions, lettuces, cucumbers and zucchinis. Why? They have a lot of minerals and vitamins that your hair need. You need to give your hair vitamins and minerals from within the body. Give the body what it needs and

it will use to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

2) Drink plenty of clean pure water. It keeps everything clean and moving. A clean body, in and out, is important for healthy hair.

3) Massage your scalp daily. Good to massage your whole body, including your scalp. How to massage? Do so with your fingers by applying gentle pressure. Do it as many times as you think of it, it helps the blood circulate and it feels good. If you are married, let your partner do it, it feels

even better. Then, don’t be selfish, return the scalp massage.

4) Improve the circulation to the scalp, a few times a day, by either standing on your head or positioning your head lower than the rest of the body so that the blood flows to your scalp easier. Lie on your bed and lean your head over the side or some other practical method.

5) Wash you hair only using water and on occasion using just a bit of a very gentle, natural shampoo. When the hair is healthy you will find that hair care is a breeze.

6) Brush your hair a few times a day to get rid of weak hair. When the scalp is healthy it will replace the weak hair you lose by healthier stronger hair.

Do these simple steps and in a little while you will see an improvement in the quality, beauty, strength and health of your hair.

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