How I Woke Up And Had Dozens Of Ideas For Writing Articles?

You may have noticed I haven’t written anything in some time. Does it mean that the well has gone dry? No, I have been taking some rest from writing articles. Though I am still active on Mylot, participating in discussions and making some comments and posts almost daily.

Actually the weather here has been very hot and so as I get ideas, I am squirreling them away for September, when it will be more comfortable to sit and write for longer periods of times.

I have been spending more time gardening, taking some sun and enjoying walking and exercising outdoors.

Yesterday was an

amazing day. I did everything right as far as my health was concerned. I had local cantaloupes for breakfast, two big ones. I bought them on sale for ninety-nine cents each. They were delicious.

I didn’t get hungry again till about four in the afternoon. Along with some fruit, I picked some garden greens and ate them. Then went for a good long walk and found an isolated baseball field. I took off my shirt and walked and jogged and sun-tanned for a good half an hour. This was all done simultaneously. The sun felt amazing as I walked and jogged.

I went

to bed a few minutes before eleven. I woke about three AM with all kinds of ideas for articles. I got up and wrote some of the ideas on paper in the dark, so I wouldn’t forget them. I finally got out of bed at five AM and wrote down some more ideas. Looks like September will be a very productive month, as I have lots of good ideas to write about.

It seems to me that we need to take care of our body and that will make the mind work better. Maybe, a healthy body will leave the mind freer to work on creative ideas instead of having to worry of how to heal the body.

So my advice is: take care of your health. Eat wholesome foods and lots of fresh greens such as lettuces, cucumbers, celery, etc, especially if you can grow your own. Do some exercise daily. Go to bed early and maybe you too will wake up with a truck-load of ideas for writing interesting articles.

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