How Is Heaven Organized?

Is heaven organized? How is heaven organized?

Definitely, heaven is organized because God (YHWH, Yahweh, Jehovah) is a master organizer and is a lover of order.

The Supreme deity in heaven is Jehovah. He has supremacy over all of his creatures whether in heaven or on earth. God rules the spirit realm with love, wisdom and justice. All in heaven enjoy a measure of freedom but only God enjoys total freedom. God does not misuse his freedom.

His right-hand man, so to speak, is his first-born Son, Jesus Christ (Word, Michael the archangel). Jesus has been given many responsibilities by his Father, including

being God’s spokesman and he also supervises all the angels.

The angels are also organized. There seems to be ranks in the angels, foremost are the Seraphs, then the Cherubs and thirdly, the vast army of angels. The Seraphs are highest in rank. They are very close to God and ensure holiness in the universe.

The Bible names only two angels, Michael and Gabriel. We are not to worship the

angels because they actually are our fellow servants of the Almighty God.

A special privilege will be given to some humans to actually become heavenly citizens and co-rule the earth with Jesus Christ.

Some questions about heaven that we have no answer at this time: How far is heaven from the earth? Will we be allowed to visit heaven in the future?

Is heaven the future reward of all faithful humans? No, God gave us the earth as our home and when in the future it is turned into a paradise, we will find that it has everything we need to be happy.

Hopefully this brief article has piqued your curiosity. The Bible has many more interesting details about heaven, so why not start a daily Bible reading program and discover for yourself more information about heaven.

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