How To Have The Best Looking Nails In The World

Look at your nails. What do you see? Do you like the way your nails look? Do they look great? Are they strong and healthy? Are you proud of the way they look? If you wanted to be a nail model, would you get the job?

Could your nails use some improvement in the looks or health? Would like to improve the way they look? Would you like to improve their strength? Do they look amazing with having to do nothing else?

Here are some great tips to have great-looking nails:

1) Eat healthy food. Every part of your body is made up

from what you put into your body. If you eat junk then you will be made up of junk and you’ll soon be ready for the junkyard. Healthy food is lots of water, fruits and vegetables and especially greens that contain a lot of minerals which you will need for great-looking and

healthy nails. Don’t be afraid to eat dandelions for they are rich in minerals because of their long roots.

2) Do nail exercises. Do this by doing exercises that will get the blood flowing well in your hands. Some suggestions are: lift your hands up in the air and open and close the hand as fast as you can as many times as you can then do the same thing by extending your arms to the side and down by your legs. The whole idea is to get the blood flowing well to that part of the body.

Since I have been doing these suggestions on a daily basis, my nails have become so much stronger, the hang-nails have greatly diminished and they have become a dangerous weapon if I’m not careful.

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