How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies: Fast, Easy And Cheap

Do you have a fruit fly problem? Do you find fruit flies annoying? Are you looking for an easy remedy to get rid of those bothersome fruit flies? Do you want to get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen or in your house or anywhere else in a fast, easy and cheap way?

You have found the best solution right here. This is the easiest way I have found of getting rid of fruit flies. Read on!

Are fruit flies annoying you to the point that you want to get rid of them for good? Here is a very easy, cheap

and fast solution to your fruit fly problem. Follow the four steps and you will be surprised when you wake up the next morning.

1) Pour a couple of ounces of wine vinegar or wine or apple cider vinegar into a glass.

2) Add 1 to 2 drops of dish soap.

3) Stir the mixture.

4) Put it close to

where they hang around the most and leave it there. And that’s it!
Fruit flies will eventually go there, get trapped, and drown. Say goodbye to the pesky fruit fly problem!

***I use the cheapest wine vinegar I can find. But if your fruit flies have good taste you can use your favourite expensive red wine. LOL

Goodbye fruit fly! Good bye fruit flies! Hello peace!

Something positive about the fruit fly:

It is being studied in the hope of being able to create an engine that mixes the right amount of fuel and oxygen to power an automobile at various speeds and still maintain clean exhaust.

It is remarkable in the manoeuvrability as it flies. While it is annoying, we can still learn much from it.

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