How To Find A Safe Passage Out Of A Riot Area

Should I go or skip it? Oh, why did the wedding reception have to be in a part of town where student protests and riots and clashes with police have been taking place for the last few months? But I cannot miss the wedding reception of my good friend.

Ok, one last shirt change and I’ll have to leave if I’m going to be on time. I’ll have to pick up my two passengers and I think I know how to still get to the hall on time.

I’ll take the scenic route through one of my favorite parts of the city.

There’s the mountain as beautiful as always. Do you see all the young people at the foot of the mountain sunning themselves? That’s an unusual large number of young people. Very strange! They almost look like vultures waiting for a victim.

Nice reception but it’s time to leave. I don’t want to get home too late.

What are those police doing? They are stopping all the traffic in the area. There are so many young people in the area. This might not be safe. How do we get out of here before we are caught in a dangerous situation? Got to think!

Everybody seems to be running in that direction. They must be running to see or join the riot.

Let’s go in the opposite direction. Quickly, get into the car. I think I know how to get us safely out of here. Those horses sure are beautiful. Too bad they have to be used by the mounted police to intimidate rioters.

We can’t linger. Have to get out of here. There’s a bus load of policemen in rioter’s gear. Let’s make haste. We don’t want to be here any longer. No time for sightseeing or admiring the surroundings. It’s not safe to be here.

We’re safe and out of the danger zone. That was close. I’ll check the news tomorrow. Let’s get home and get a good night’s rest.

Note on next day: CBC News Headline on May 20, 2012, “Montreal police teargas protesters, arrest 69”

Who would have thought that the day would have gone from a blissful wedding to a life-threatening riot? Glad to have made it home safe and in one piece.

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