How To Exercise Your Whole Body, From Head To Toe?

Is it important to exercise the whole body from head to toe? Yes, but before you start an exercise program, especially one from head to toe, consult a competent health professional. Get the go ahead and then go ahead. Start slow, enjoy it and keep at it and do it daily, if possible. You eat daily then exercise daily. You cannot enjoy optimum health if you don’t exercise daily.

The head! What is the best way to exercise the head? A good head massage does wonders. Massage, the scalp, the face and the neck. Make faces, stretching every part of it,

the eyes, the mouth and the cheeks. If you want to laugh, which is also a good exercise, do it in front of a mirror.

The whole body! Each number represents a different exercise.

1) Tap, rub and pinch the whole body. Each action can be done from head to toe.

2) Breathe through the nose and breathe out through the nose, expanding and contracting your chest to the count of twenty-one or more depending on the amount of time you have. Why twenty-one? It’s a good number made up of three times seven, two other good numbers or whatever amount you like.

3) Stand, with your hands down and vibrate your whole body to the count of twenty-one.
The next exercises are called the Five Tibetan exercises. You can research them as there is an interesting history behind them. I find that they are good for the whole body, including the back. I have less back problems doing these exercises. Also, every muscle in the body seems to be stronger because of it. Also, it seems to stretch every part of the body.

The routine here is to start with three repetitions and increase by two per week until you able to do twenty-one repetitions and then stay at that number for the rest of your long life. If you find them hard, stay at a lower number longer than a week. And then increase as you feel

able. Don’t overdo it and don’t hurt yourself.

You can get a book called Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda and it has pictures and a description of how to do them or you can go to Utube and visually see how they are done.

Trampoline! Get a trampoline or a mini-rebounder. Do tem minutes of jumping on it every day. Have fun with it. Do some Jumping Jacks, some jumping up and down, some jumping on each of the legs. Sit on it and put your feet in the air and jump on your behind. Do it with both feet in the air, then with only one foot in the air, the other foot and then with both feet on the ground. Jump swinging your arms. You can also do a search on these exercises and see variations of jumps on the mini-rebounder. Ten minutes a day and you’re good.

Three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for example, do some jumping and weights exercises on the mini-rebounder. A whole series of exercises are found in the book Fit For Life Volume 2. I can’t verify as I lend the books to someone and I forget who. I had photocopied the exercises pages. They are pages 149-161. Don’t you hate it when people borrow books and don’t return them? I hope they are at least doing the exercises.

Feet and toes! Rolling the foot and toes on a hard rubber ball will massage the entire foot. One can buy a hard rubber balls the size of a golf ball in a Dollar Store.

This is a good exercise routine for the whole body, from head to toe and in between. Have fun!

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