How Does One Successfully Deal With Loneliness?

How does one successfully deal with loneliness? Can it be controlled? Can it be overcome?

Is loneliness one of your challenges? Do you often have to deal with loneliness and has it become painful? Is it overwhelming at times and you wonder why you are so lonely and what you can do about it?

Many that suffer from this condition have found ways to deal with it.

What is the cause of loneliness?

Loneliness has many causes and reasons and so is not always easy to figure out the cause. It might be caused by some sort of imbalance and so medical attention may

be needed, so it might be wise to seek professional help.

What have some done to help deal with their loneliness?

They have seen the importance of making God a part of their lives and regularly share their feelings with God in prayer and meditation. They have regular communication with the best friend anyone can have. He is always there and never too busy to listen.

They work hard at making and cultivating friendships with like-minded people. They have learned to appreciate their friends and that makes them

appreciated in return. They have gone where such friends can be found.

They have filled their lives with interests and activities that bring them joy. They also have found work that brings them a good measure of satisfaction. They have also worked at developing some talents which may have surprised them in a positive way.

They have learned to look at the future in a positive way. They don’t focus on the negatives of life. They focus on the rainbow rather than the storm. They know the storm will pass.

They have learned about the joy of giving. They look for ways that can make a positive contribution to somebody else’s happiness, which in turn brightens their day.

So loneliness need not be overwhelming. There are things that can be done to alleviate loneliness. There are positive things that one can do to lessen the impact of loneliness.

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