How Do You Understand John 3:13 About No Man Ascending Or Going To Heaven?

Many verses in the Bible might be confusing if we do not put the whole Bible in context and put all the pieces of the Bible puzzle together. John 3:13 might be one of these Scriptures. Jesus here states that no human had gone to heaven. So when you read this verse, how do you understand it?

I would like to explain how I understand this verse. When I look at many translations, I notice that some have not translated the verse correctly. Remember: this verse was originally written in Greek. It is my opinion that the correct translation of this

verse should be: “I (Jesus) tell you that no man has gone or been to heaven, except for the Son of man (Jesus) who came down from heaven.”

Jesus is here saying that up to that point in time, no human had as of yet gone to heaven or been there. Jesus had been in heaven because he came from heaven. He had come into existence long before anyone and his existence started in heaven. In fact: God begot Jesus (produced, created, gave him life) before anyone else. God always

existed and He existed alone until He produced this being that we have come to know as Jesus Christ. We know angels came down and went back up to heaven but no human had done that. Later some humans would go to heaven but not as of yet.

Does what Jesus said in John 3:13 make more sense now?

So what had happened to all righteous faithful man and women that had died? Where did they go?

They were asleep in death, in a state of unconsciousness waiting a future resurrection (bring back to life).

When you come across a difficult passage in the Scriptures, just keep reading the Bible and pray to God for understanding. In time it will all click together like the pieces of a puzzle. You may not be sure where a piece goes until you have placed other pieces in their proper places. This I have tried to do with John 3:13 where Jesus stated that no human had as of yet gone or ascended to heaven.

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