How Do You Understand John 1:18 About Being In The Bosom Of The Father?

Have you ever tried to work on the Rubik cube puzzle? It may take some work to get all the colors matched up. Yet, to complete the puzzle you have to line up all the colors correctly. It is the same with the Bible. It all fits perfectly together. John 1:18 about Jesus being in the bosom position of the Father also fits correctly in the right place if you have lined up all the other Scriptures correctly. So, how do you understand John 1:18 about being in the bosom of the Father? So, what is the problem with this verse?
There is no problem at all, unless one believes the Trinity doctrine, which states that Jesus is also God but there in only one God. Can you see the confusion? How could Jesus be in the bosom of his Father? It would not make any sense. Why? The word bosom simply means the breast or a favored, close and intimate position. If God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit make up only one person, how is God having an intimate relationship or closeness with himself? There is a simple explanation to John 1:18. I would

like to share my research with you of what I have learned about how to understand John 1:18. The Trinity is not a Bible teaching. The word Trinity does not appear even once the Bible. The Almighty God was by himself, then He started to create and created Jesus or the being we have come to know as Jesus. God gave Jesus freedom of choice and free will. Jesus came to love his Father, who is Jehovah, the Almighty God. Much like a human father and son, they came to be very close and Jehovah is proud of his Son, Jesus. They have a loving, intimate, close relationship like many fathers have with their sons. Does that understanding make sense to you? How close are you to your father? Do you speak often? Do you enjoy his company? Has your father given you anything special? Does he love and cherish you? Are you the same person as your father or a different person? Are you equal to your father? Do you now understand what it means in John 1:18 about Jesus, the Son being in the bosom of his Father and what a close relationship they have?

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