How Do You Stop, Overcome, Or Beat The Pornography Addiction?

How do you stop, overcome, or beat the pornography addiction?

It can be done. You can do anything that you set your mind to do. It will be a struggle and a battle, but the pornography addiction can be overcome. Here are some practical and effective steps.

First of all, you need to make a deliberate and heartfelt decision that you want to beat the pornography addiction. Next, you need to make a strong commitment to stop this harmful addiction. Make the commitment to God, to yourself, and to your family that you will fight and win the battle to overcome pornography


You need to develop a hatred for what is bad and pornography is as bad as they come. There is nothing good about pornography. Don’t be deceived by twisted reasoning, either your own or anyone else’s. You need to abhor or hate pornography with a passion in order to break free from its powerful magnetic pull.

Understanding how much damage pornography can do to you and others will help you to develop a loathing for it. You need to kill the powerful desire that has developed to this pernicious attraction.

Next, you must deliberately avoid looking at any pornographic material that is displayed on billboards, on the TV screen, in films, and particularly on the Internet. The entertainment industry is no friend of decent people, as most of the programs pander to the debased weaknesses of the flesh. It does not care or feel a responsibility for the great harm that it does.

One image can awaken the desire for more. So when you are exposed to salacious images, you must quickly guard your flesh from the snare of pornography by quickly changing TV channels or turning off the computer. Think of yourself as a soldier trying to ward off a missile aimed straight to the weak flesh. It is important to act swiftly and decisively!

You cannot afford to linger on the image with the never satisfied eyes.

You have to swiftly take these powerful steps to avoid any contamination. You need to be on guard against reading, watching, or listening to any sexually arousing material and avoid it. You might have to move the computer to a location where it will be in full view of the rest of the family. You may have to get rid of the cable or even your Internet service so that you can avoid any exposure to pornography.

If you need to use the computer, you can go to a public place and use it. Just like gangrene you may have to amputate whatever is necessary to keep free from the contamination of pornography.

A pornographic image is like a mousetrap with a tempting piece of cheese. As attractive and tempting as it might be, you know what the eventual end will be.

Think seriously about the course you should take. The next time a lewd image make an appearance, think of the acronym S.T.O.P. (Sober or spiritual thinking overcomes or overpowers pornography) which is what you want to do. You want to stop your pornographic addiction. So quickly turn away before you are overcome by temptation and weakness!

You may also have to engage in fervent prayer to weaken and eventually destroy the pornography addiction. Persistently setting your problem before God will eventually produce results. Pornography is an unclean activity that certainly damages your relationship with God.

Make it your determination to never view pornography again. Persist until that determination becomes a fact. With persistence you can stop your pornography addiction.

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