How Do You Read The Bible To Get The Most Benefit?

When we read the Bible we want to get the most benefit from our reading. What can we do so that our time spent in reading the Bible brings us the most benefits? If you want to know the value and benefits of Bible reading, please read Isaiah 48:17-18; Romans 15:4; 2 Timothy 3:15-17. Here are some questions that we can ask ourselves after reading each chapter: 1. What does this chapter tell me about God? Does it tell me something about Godís qualities? Does it tell me something about how God feels about a certain matter? 2. How can I apply what
I just read in my own life? If I did the same thing as what a Bible character did, would it be beneficial or would it be detrimental? Should I do the same thing or should I have nothing to do with what they did? 3. How can I use this information so that others would benefit? Can someone I know

find this information helpful? You can see that the questions would help to come to know and love God and get closer to Him. Also we would see how to apply the information for our own personal benefit and spiritual growth. We are not selfish with what we learn, we see if someone else might benefit and share then 8information with them. These questions help us to read the Bible with a purpose, as the Bible is not just a book to be read once and put on the shelf to gather dust. The Bible is designed to daily feed and strengthen us spiritually so that we can deal successfully with any challenge in life. The Bible is designed to help us live the best kind of life now and to prepare us for an everlasting joyous future. So as you read the Bible each day, try to read so that you get the most benefits from your daily Bible reading.

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