How To Create Writing Ideas Out Of Thin Air?

A successful writer needs a continuous flow of ideas or subjects to write about. Where will he get these ideas to write about? How can you create writing ideas out of this air?

Yes, writing ideas like air are all around us. To breathe in air on a regular basis, a person needs to use his physical mouth and nose and lungs to capture the air. He takes in the air, uses it and then releases it. A writer needs to use his eyes and ears to capture the writing ideas out of the invisible realm. He has to learn how

to capture writing ideas. How will he do that?

How does one use their eyes to get writing ideas? He does this by looking around, noticing and observing his surroundings. Whatever he sees, he tries to find a story, a writing idea.

How does one use their ears to get writing ideas? He does so by listening to what people are saying, what is in the news. He is always on the alert to see if there is a story in something he has heard.

How does one use their mind to take any idea and write an article about it? Everything he sees or hears is a possible writing idea. He now uses his mind to think about the writing idea and tries to figure out how to spin a story out of it.

You see something, you hear something. Now

play with the ideas. Let the mind enlarge, focus on an aspect, churn it into a particular angle.

Let’s use an example to explain how to find writing ideas out of this air. Let’s say you are invited to a picnic with some friends. Now, how many writing ideas could you get out of the events and activities that might occur at a picnic?

Here are some questions to get the thinking process going:

What happened at the picnic? What did you see? What did you observe? What did you notice? Did something curious happen?

What did you eat? Did someone bring an interesting dish? Is there an interesting recipe that you could write about?

What did people talk about? Did someone relate an interesting story from their youth? Does someone have an interesting career? Has someone accomplished something interesting?

You can do this exercise with any event or occurrence. You will soon have a few writing ideas and turn them into articles.

So, you can see that writing ideas are all around you just like the air. You have to become like a factory that turns raw material into a marketable product, turn a writing idea into an interesting, polished article.

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