How Can We Understand Why God Temporarily Allows Suffering And Evil?

Why does God allow suffering and evil? It’s easy to ask the question but the answer is a bit more complex. Why? The reason is there are a number of issues involved.

Would we all agree that suffering and evil are undesirable? Some view them as undesirable but only when it is done to them. They seem to have no problem inflicting them upon others. However they are undesirable to good people!

Why did God create us with the capacity to do evil and cause suffering?

Yes, God could have created us without the capacity of doing evil. What would we be then?

We would only have one program. We would not have the ability to choose. We would love God and love each other and we would be happy, but only because we would have been programmed that way.

Let’s illustrate this way!

If we hypnotized someone and programmed them only to say good things about us, then they are slaves, as they have no choice. How satisfying would that be to get compliments from someone who is programmed? How satisfying would that be to an intelligent God to receive love and worship from someone programmed?

Or what if we paid someone to give us compliments every day no matter what we do or what we look like, is that satisfying?

Do we see why we need to be able to choose?

Of course when one is allowed to choose, they may choose an undesirable course.

Much like someone might choose to gamble, smoke or take drugs.

So an undesirable course was chosen by our first parents Adam and Eve and we have inherited the consequences of choice that led to suffering and evil.

So suffering and evil are permitted temporarily until we reach a point where next step would be total ruination and destruction of all life on earth. God will not permit that!

It seems that were headed that way. Hopefully at some point in the near future God will be forced to step in and save all that disagree with what man and demons are doing to the earth.

These kind of people will get a fresh start where God will not allow any negative forces to ever flourish again to the point where they are able to do any serious damage. Then, any rebellion and disagreement with God will be abolished quickly as we know where independence from God and self-rule leads. We’ve been down that road and we don’t need to have a repetition. The temporary permission of suffering and evil will have taught us a good lesson that will set a legal precedent for eternity.

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