How Can We Improve Your Skills At Becoming Better At Making Conversation? (part Two)

Hopefully you have read part one, if not go and read it, as part one introduces four tips on how to improve our skills at starting and making conversation. They are the first steps and are very important to improving the quality of our conversations.

5) Listen to what they say. Continue the conversation on something they have told you. If they say they just got a new job, ask them about it. Ask a question like: why did you change your job, what do you there, how is it going so far.

6) Know how to ask questions. Let’s say you

are talking to a young person. If you ask, “how is school” and they answer “fine”, that conversation isn’t going to go very far. However’ if you ask what part of school do you like best, now they have told you something that they will most likely to continue talking about. Or, if you ask, “what is your favorite subject?” Now, no matter what they say, it will you give you ammunition to go further. Again, you now have something with which to continue the conversation.

If they say “history” then you can ask something like: what period of history, why do you like that part of history. You are now involving the person in the conversation.

7) Know how to graciously end a conversation. If it seems that the person doesn’t want to talk to you or doesn’t have time on this occasion, know how to cheerfully move on by saying something like: (looking at your watch) I would love to continue this conversation but I have to go. Wish them a pleasant day and go on your merry way.

This is part two in this series. I think I have given you enough to work with. If I think of more or how to improve the suggestions, I will come back and follow up with that. However, with part one you have a beginning and with part two an ending on how to enjoy better conversations with people you meet every day.

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