How Can We Improve Your Skills At Becoming Better At Making Conversation? (part One)

Have you noticed that some excel when it comes to making conversation and others are very poor at it?

How can we improve our conversation skills? Conversation is like any other skill, practice makes perfect. So take one tip at the time and apply it. You will see amazing results and you will have more friends and a happier life.

Isn’t nice to be able to talk to all kinds of people? Doesn’t it make the day and life better when we are able to have pleasant conversations? Are there any good suggestions for becoming better at talking to people?

Here are some


1) A friendly greeting. Greet people with a smile, a pleasant tone of voice and a kind word or expression, like saying: hi, hello, how are you doing, how’s it going, beautiful day.

2) Show interest. Show that you are interested in other people. Show it by your facial expression and what you say, like: how are you today, it’s so nice to see you.

3) Say something positive. Don’t approach people by saying something like: you look terrible; it’s going to be another lousy day, did a

cat drag you here. Rather, say something complementary that will put a smile on their face like: are you going to a wedding because you look amazing, is that a new tie or is it your good looks that make it appear new, that color dress looks great on you, now that I saw you I know this will make my day great.

4) Look at people in a positive way. Try to see something positive in everyone, like: do they have some pleasant physical feature, is there something that they are good at that you appreciate, is there something that they have or do that you are also interested in.

This is part one so look out for the next part. However, you already have here some excellent tips that you can start using right away to make more friends and start to enjoy better conversations with people you meet every day.

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