How Can One Be An Optimist Even When Faced With A Disaster?

Can we be optimistic even when faced with disasters and calamities? How does optimism help us to deal with negative situations?

An excellent example was Thomas Edison. Edison’s laboratories were severely damaged by a fire. He lost almost one million dollars of equipment and much of his life’s work was also destroyed. Edison was an optimist. What did he have to say after this event?

He looked at the positive side. He said that the disaster destroyed many of his mistakes and now he could start afresh.

Can we find some redeeming values when we are struck with a disaster? Can we find

the positive side of any problem? Can we be an optimist?

Most successful people do that. They have the mind-set of an optimist. They draw strength from disasters and emerge even stronger. Disasters, calamities and failures are only setbacks and not the end of the line. They learn lessons and it drives them to success in the future.

I remember a personal disaster of about five years ago. A health challenge almost killed me. I thought for sure my life was over. I was ready to die. Still, I continued searching for a solution. I eventually found one when I was told to simplify my diet to just a few foods that take away some of life.

To draw courage and strength, I often think of the Israelites when they were in the wilderness for forty years. They had only manna to eat; manna in the morning, manna for

lunch, and manna for supper. Many perished because they developed a negative view of God’s provisions. Yet, the optimistic one survived the limitations and eventually were brought to a land of milk and honey. See Numbers 21:4-6.

I had to change my attitude! Since then I have done much voluntary work. I have take writing as a hobby and wrote many articles. I am shovelling snow for my neighbours and that in my middle sixties. I just took a class that has changed my point of view into an even more positive one. I know that the best is yet to come.

You too can soar like an eagle. Fly high and see all that is around us, all that is possible. Look at winners, not losers. Look at achievers and not quitters. Don’t let disasters, calamities, or failures bring you down. Learn to look at the positive side of things. Don’t think small, think optimism. Be a tough-minded optimist!

Note: This article is based on some principles and information found in the Reader’s Digest article of November 1991, “How to Be a Tough-Minded Optimist” pages 179-182 which was condensed from “The Power of Optimism” by Alan Loy McGinnis 1990.


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