How Can God Tolerate Evil?

How can God tolerate evil? Why doesn’t God stop evil? Why doesn’t God stop human atrocities like rape and child abuse? How can God tolerate evil?

He actually can’t tolerate it and that’s why he promised as soon as it appeared that he would eradicate it. Read carefully Genesis 3:15: Romans 16:20; Revelation 12:9; Revelation 21:1-5.

Just like a fruit that is picked when it is fully ripe, so evil has to become fully ripe before it can successfully be stopped. At that point, it is totally proven what results if evil is allowed to continue.

Is evil reaching its complete ripening stage?

Pretty much, for at this time we are allowing our selfishness and greed to fully ruin the earth. Notice what God stated He would do when we reached that point. Read carefully Revelation 11:18.

So the time is quickly approaching for God to put an end to the toleration of evil and to start its elimination.

But why does God tolerate evil?

Keep in mind that God can undo or erase anything that has happened. So any evil that we have suffered can be fully rectified and compensated. Suppose you were robbed of a hundred dollars

and then compensated with one million dollars, would that not more than make up for the injustice you suffered?

Also comforting are the words of Isaiah 65:16 and Revelation 21:4, which have the beautiful promise that the former things will be forgotten and not be brought to mind anymore.

It will be like an injury that once it has healed, once the scars have disappeared, that then we don’t recall the pain and even exactly where the injury was anymore. Why does a woman have more than one child? It is mostly because in time she forgets the pain of childbirth and for the joy that results when the baby is born, because of the end results, she puts up with some pain.

Because of these different important considerations, God can temporarily tolerate evil. It will be tolerated only long enough to prove how evil, evil is, and that the tolerance can only be allowed once and then never again.

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