Is The Holy Spirit A Person Or A Force?

Is the Holy Spirit a person or an impersonal force?

Most people think that the Holy Spirit is a person. I would like to present evidence and argue that the Holy Spirit is not a person but rather an impersonal force through which God accomplishes different tasks.

The Holy Spirit is a force somewhat similar to electricity that can be used to make light, or move a mechanical device or make a radio give off speech or music. However it is a force much more powerful and sophisticated.

God controls this powerful force and uses it to accomplish what he wants.

The Hebrew word

for spirit is ruach and the Greek word for spirit is pneuma.

1) Numbers 11:25... Moses was one that had God’s spirit. With God’s spirit upon him, he was able to perform many miracles like parting the Red Sea. Yet, this account showed that God took some of the spirit that was on Moses and it was given to seventy other servants of God which enabled them to prophecy. Was some of a person given to each of seventy men?

2) Matthew 3:11... Here, it states that Jesus would baptize with Holy Spirit and fire. Is fire a person? Then why would the spirit be a person?

3) Matthew 3:16... It tells us that the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus in the form of a dove.

A dove is not a person, is it?

4) Luke 1:41... Here Elizabeth is filled with Holy Spirit. Was she filled with a person?

5) Acts 2:2-4... Here the Holy Spirit comes like a fire upon about 120 disciples and enabled each one of them to speak in different languages. What did each disciple receive, a person or did a force come upon them that gave them the ability to witness in different languages?

6) Acts 10:38... Jesus had Holy Spirit and power. Is power a person then why would Holy Spirit be a person?

7) 1 John 5:8... Here the spirit bears witness or testifies and so does water and blood. Sometimes in the Bible, inanimate things are given human qualities or abilities like being able to speak. This in itself does not mean that they are persons.

Is that enough evidence for you? Can you see that the Holy Spirit is not a person but a powerful force that God uses to accomplish certain tasks? We can also receive Holy Spirit and if we do, do we have a person within us or does this impersonal force give us the power to do God’s will?

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