Has The Time Come For The World To Change And Become One United World?

Has the time come for the world to unite and be governed by one world body, by one world government?

Why a united world?

The planet is one. Mankind is one. We cannot survive, if we stay divided. Think of the world as one big swimming pool. You see, wherever you urinate it will eventually come to me. And wherever I urinate it will eventually come to you.

Whatever happens in one country will eventually affect all the others. We are all affected for good or for bad by what everyone else is doing.

We are like a human body. If one part of

the body is in pain, the whole body suffers and if one part of the body is in good health then the rest of the body benefits. A divided world cannot stand! (Matthew 12:25)

One government for the whole world, for the whole planet

Has the time come to dissolve all borders? The iron curtain fell and the Berlin wall fell. All walls must come down! Is it time to have: one government, one world, one planet, one mankind!

The planet is being destroyed and we cannot let it happen. I love the planet. I don’t want to move to Mars. There are no fruit trees there. There is no shade and the sun is hot and I don’t like it when it’s too hot. Even if there is water, I don’t know if it’s drinkable. But there’s plenty of that stuff on earth, if we stop polluting the rivers and the oceans. There’s more than enough for everyone if we share it.

I have children and grandchildren and I hope to have great grandchildren, whether I live long enough to see them or not.

The power of one! I’m only one. I want to start the ball rolling and let others join in, in the serious issue of saving the planet.

We live on one planet.

Forget outer space for now. We first have to straighten things at home before we visit anywhere else. If we don’t solve the problem here, we will only be bringing them to other places.

What future awaits us?

Will it be world unity or world destruction? One or the other will surely come? The question is which one do we want?

If we don’t want to make this world one, then God will do it. If we do it then we will avoid much destruction as God will destroy all who have other ideas.

Look at damage that is being done to the planet. Look at what will result if we keep fighting. We can unite the world if we want to but if we don’t God will do it. We will leave him no choice! (Daniel 7:9-14; Revelation 11:16-18)


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