Get The Mastery Of That Weakness Or It Will Destroy You!

No one is perfect! We all have weaknesses! Superman has his kryptonite, Achilles had his heel and we also may have some weakness or weaknesses. So we must get the mastery or control of that weakness or it will destroy us. Do you agree? Have you seen or heard of it happening to someone else?

Is our weakness alcohol, gambling, overeating, sex or whatever? Whatever it is, we have to get the mastery of it. We have to fight the weakness and fight in such a way that we win the fight or we will be destroyed by it.

Some things we

just have to keep our distance and avoid them. Does Superman go looking for kryptonite or does he avoid it and keep his distance?

We cannot give in just one more time. Giving in one more time may just be the time that it will be our last time. I remember someone that had an addiction to cocaine and said that they were just going to enjoy themselves one last time and then they would take serious action. The news reported that the person had overdosed and died. How sad!

I remember reading of

one person that just once had sex with the wrong person and eventually developed AIDS and died as a result.

What is a weakness? Is it not an addiction for something harmful? Can you think of any famous person that was destroyed by a weakness or addiction to drugs? Can you think of someone whose life was destroyed by a weakness to alcohol or gambling? There are so many casualties!

Even things like eating, if not controlled can become a weakness and harm us. Think of people that eat too much and too much of the wrong things. What happens?

In conclusion: do we have a weakness that if not controlled can eventually destroy us? If we find that we can’t seem to win the fight then we have to get help. Let us not keep giving in. Let us not say, just one more time. For some, that just one more time resulted in it being the last time. Let us not let that happen to us.

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I am a researcher, a writer, a poet and most important a truth-seeker in all subjects and matters under the sun. My favorite, all-time book is the Holy Bible.This is what I like to write about. Please visit often and see what I have discovered.

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