Free Will- What Is Free Will And Is It Really Free?

What is free will? Did God give us free will? Do we really have free will? Is free will really free? Does free will mean that we have been given the right to do whatever we want? We will now logically and realistically deal with all of these questions!

What is free will?

Free will is the freedom to choose our course in life. It is the freedom to choose good or evil for ourselves. It is the freedom to go in one direction or another. We are the master, we decide, the choice is ours!

Did God give us free will?

Yes God gave us free will but each choice comes with consequences. Deuteronomy 30:19 (New International Version) “This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.”

What kind of free will did God give us?

He gave us the freedom to choose but each choice brings their respective consequences. It’s what he gave us and there is no way to get around it for long. If we make a good choice the blessing will eventually result. If we make a bad choice the curse or the negative results will eventually catch up with us. It’s the way it was, it’s the way it is and it’s the way it will always be!

Let’ s use some illustrations to make clear the issue of free will and what it is and what it implies:

Does anyone really give us a licence to do anything we want? What kind of person would give us that kind of licence? Only someone who is totally irresponsible! And do we really think that God would be like that?

Driver’s licence: when we are given a driver’s licence, do the authorities that give us the licence give allow us to drive the car the way we want, wherever we want? Or do they give it to us with the condition that we obey the traffic laws and drive responsibly? And if we fail to respect the laws then we are penalized and may even lose the licence they gave us in the first place.

Doctor’s licence: when we are given a licence to practice medicine, are we really allowed to do anything we want? Or are we supposed to follow medical codes and use good judgment and look out for the welfare of every patient we deal with?

Does "free will" give us a licence to do anything we want? Some seem to think so!

I think free will comes with

a heavy responsibility and accountability. It was given to us because we are not robots with a set program. Proper use of it contributes to the greater good. Misuse of it brings harm to us and others. Improper use of free will, will result in harm to ourselves and others and will ultimately result in loss of the privilege to have free will and also the right to continued existence.

I believe that only someone with absolute power can have absolute free will. Everyone else will have limitations placed on them by someone with more power. We still have free will in that we can do something contrary to all laws but we know that there are bound to be consequence and penalties for breaking the laws.

However someone with absolute power can undo anything we do. Nothing is irreversible. That's why God allows us to say and do so much contrary to His will.

The last sentence means that a higher power can eventually take away our free will and existence because we misused the gift of free will. As an example a criminal might be imprisoned or executed.

So by extension: Adam and Eve, by eating the forbidden fruit (the law) were saying that from that point they were going to do as they liked regardless of the effect on themselves and others. God (the lawmaker) was interested in the welfare of all and not only the welfare of a few selfish irresponsible individuals.

So, the permission of wickedness is a temporary situation, to show what happens when free will is misused. Since God can reverse everything and correct all things, He can allow this to continue for a while. Eventually, when He gives us stricter guidelines, we will not be allowed to question or second-guess his judgement. Those that insist will lose their right to exist.

So, yes we have free will but it comes with consequences. A good choice brings good consequences and a bad choice brings negative consequences.

Does this make sense? Please feel free to challenge this as I want to refine my understanding of the issue.

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