Free Will Or Freedom To Choose- What Did God Really Give Us?

Did God really give us free will? Or did He give us freedom to choose? What is the difference?

Did God give us free will?

Some have a problem with us saying that God gave us free will. Why? They reason that if God gave us free will then we should be able to do whatever we want, without any consequences. There should not be consequences when we use our “free will” to choose things contrary to God’s liking.

Did God give us the freedom to choose?

In that case, saying that God gave us the freedom to choose whatever

we wanted to do, but that our decisions would be bring consequences, would be a more correct way of expressing what God gave us. They feel that the term “freedom to choose” is a more correct way of describing what God gave us.

An illustration:

Let’s say you invite someone over to your house. You tell them to make themselves at home. By saying that, should they understand that they can do whatever they want in your home. Do your words “make yourself at home” mean that you have given them carte blanche to go in your drawers or that they

can knock down a wall?

No one could reasonably assume that they have the free will to do any such matter and that all would be fine with you, the host and owner of the house. However they do have the freedom to choose what they will do. They can be a reasonable guest and abide by what would be reasonably expected of them. Or, they could assume certain presumptions and act irresponsibly.

What would you do then, as the owner and host? You might judge that they have gone beyond what is acceptable and ask them to leave. You would have every right!

God has gives us much, but not absolute free will. He has given us the freedom to choose within limits and he tells us, through his laws, what would be an abuse of privilege, so that we may never step beyond his set bounds.

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