The Fight Against Evil Can Be Won!

Who can deny that we have to struggle to do what is good, to do what is right? Evil and bad is a part of us. Can the fight against evil be won? Can evil be conquered? Here we will discuss the evil within us: in our body, mind and heart. So the answer is yes, we can fight evil and win! How can this be done?

Winning this fight will not be easy.

It is a constant struggle. But what good thing in life is easy? In spite of the hard fight, we can win the fight? How?

It is similar

to our fight against dirt. We want to keep a clean body and a clean house. How do we do it? Is it not by doing what we can each day? So, we do manage to keep our body and house relatively clean. What would happen if we neglected doing something every day?

The first step is willpower! (See 2 Peter 3:14; John 16:33; Romans 12:21)

We must decide that this is what we want to do. We must have some strong reasons as to why we want to conquer the evil within. In time of temptation or weakness, we will have to call back to mind these reasons to why we have to fight the evil and not cave in.

Make sure that you find strong, motivating reasons that are worth fighting for. If the reason is not strong then we won’t be strong

either. The strongest reason is that of wanting to please God.

The second step is God-power! (See Luke 11:13; Philippians 4:13; Romans 16:20)

We must rely on the power that God provides. That would be asking for his spirit, which is the strongest force in the universe. This spirit was used to create all kinds of strong, powerful forces like gravity, magnetism and electricity. So God has more than enough power to give us a hand when we are weak or low.

The third step is peoplepower! (See Proverbs 13:20)

Good friends can do a lot to bolster us in weak moments. They will also serve as examples for us in doing the right things. We need friends that will encourage us to go the right way. We need friends on whom we can rely for encouragement and not friends that will lead us astray.

There is no reason for us to feel or think that it is impossible to fight and overcome evil!

Many have done so and many will do so. We can be one of those that make use of all available strengths to have the strength to win the fight over evil tendencies, weaknesses, and demonic forces. More power to you!

Article Written By 1hopefulman

I am a researcher, a writer, a poet and most important a truth-seeker in all subjects and matters under the sun. My favorite, all-time book is the Holy Bible.This is what I like to write about. Please visit often and see what I have discovered.

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