How To Pray And Be Heard By God?

How does one pray so that God hears and responds to his prayers? How does one pray so that they are heard by God? The simple truth is that while God can hear all prayers, He ignores most prayers.

Is that true? Yes!

Why doesn’t God listen to all prayers?

If you were God, would you? Would you listen to two different countries hating and killing each other and give one country the victory while they are slaughtering people of another country? Would you listen to two different sport teams where each one is praying for victory? Would you listen to prayers of

people asking to win some jackpot of money? Or would these kind of prayers just make you sick to your stomach? It’s no different with God.

God listens and answers all prayers that are sincere and genuine and come from the heart. So if you want your prayers to receive a favorable hearing then learn God’s ways and try your best to live according to his guidelines.

Pray by humbly speaking to God as you would talk to a dearly beloved father, for God is such. He deserves much respect.

Pray with your heart and not just with words. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Don’t bother with memorized prayers or prayers

that you read. God has heard all those prayers before. They are not your prayers. He wants to hear what is in your heart. He already knows but loves it when you tell Him.

Don’t you like it when someone tells you thank you or tells you that they love you. Don’t you like it when someone asks you for something with respect? Don’t you like it when someone asks you for something that is actually good for them or good for someone else? God is no different.

Yes, God is very selective as to which prayers He will give a favorable hearing and a favorable response. It all depends on how the individual lives his life, what they pray for and how they pray. Pray in a manner that God will enjoy hearing your prayers with pleasure and you get the requests of your heart, provided they are good for you and everyone else.

See Psalms 145: 14-21; Isaiah 1:15-17; Prroverbs 15:29; Proverbs 1:22-33 .

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