Does God Really Exist And What Proof Is There That He Exists

Is there a God? Does God exist? Is there evidence or convincing proof that God really exists? Have you ever wondered if there is an answer to these questions?

Does God really exist?

A believer will readily answer in the affirmative and might wonder why an unbeliever is so blind to all the evidence that exists all around him, while an unbeliever will wonder how a believer can be so naive.

What proof or evidence can be presented that God exists?

Does not the physical universe declare that God exists? If God didn’t create it, where did the immeasurable amount of material that makes

up the stars and planets come from? Can it really all have come from nothing? Is that logical?

What about the intelligence and design that appears in the universe, the earth and the human brain? Could intelligence come from unintelligence? Can design come about without a designer?

Where did languages come from? Do you know what a job and effort it is to learn a language, yet a child can learn several languages without even trying? Who gave a child the capacity to learn a language and so quickly? Does it not take great intelligence to make up a complicated language, let alone learn one?

Would you not agree that a camera, a radio or a computer were produced by an intelligent designer? Would it be reasonable then, to say that the far more complex things like the eye, the ear and the human brain did not originate with an intelligent Designer?

Where did the powerful feeling of love come from? Where did the sense of justice come from? Could these amazing qualities come from animals that do not possess these qualities? Must they not have come from someone vastly superior to a human, who also possesses these qualities to an even greater degree?

The seed, the sperm and the egg!

A small seed has

all of the components to grow a tree. Without any human intervention, forces of nature can make it go from a seed to a tree. Where did the design and remarkable abilities to do that come from?

What about the uniting of the sperm and egg to produce a unique human baby? Through an act of love we get them together and the rest happens without much work on our part. If an act of love starts the process going, would not the mechanisms that work so well to produce a child not also be the design of someone that wants to teach us love?

The only logical conclusion!

A member of the French Academy of Sciences stated: “Natural order was not invented by the human mind or set up by certain perceptive powers. . . . The existence of order presupposes the existence of organizing intelligence. Such intelligence can be none other than God’s.”—Dieu existe? Oui (Paris, 1979), Christian Chabanis, quoting Pierre-Paul Grassé, p. 94.

Do you see a lot of proof or no proof?

God will help you see the truth of the matter, if that is what you want? If you want to dismiss all the evidence, He will let you go your own way for now.

Is there a God? Does God exist? Is there evidence or convincing proof that God really exists? Do some serious thinking about these questions! You will have to decide for yourself what the answer will be!

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I am a researcher, a writer, a poet and most important a truth-seeker in all subjects and matters under the sun. My favorite, all-time book is the Holy Bible.This is what I like to write about. Please visit often and see what I have discovered.

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