Does The Bible Encourage Mistreatment And Disrespect For Women?

Does the Bible encourage mistreatment and disrespect for women? Some seem to think so but I see no evidence of this. What evidence can be presented to show that women in the Bible were treated with respect and honor?

Jesus often had dealings with women. How did Jesus treat women?

* Mark 12:41-44. He commended a poor widow that gave two small coins of little value as a contribution to the temple and said that since she gave from the heart that they were of greater value than many of the contributions of the rich that gave much more. Jesus recognized what

a great sacrifice this poor widow made and let us all know.

* Mark 14:3-9. In this account, Jesus praised a woman that did a kind deed towards him and that account is recorded in the Bible for the entire world to read.

* Luke 7:11-15. Jesus resurrected or brought back to life the dead son of a widow’s only son. Obviously he had compassion for

this mother’s loss and circumstances.

* Mark 5:38-42. Jesus resurrected a young girl of twelve years old. This shows true impartiality.

The apostle Peter has only one recorded resurrection to his credit which is detailed in Acts 9:36-41 and it is of a woman who did many good and kind deeds.

Notice now the way husbands are to treat their wives:

* Ephesians 5:28-33. Husbands are commanded to love their wives as they would love themselves and treat them as they would care for their own bodies.

Do we see unkindness or a negative attitude towards womankind?

Not at all! Since God is the author of the Bible, what does it show? It shows how we should treat womankind. Never should they be mistreated or disrespected but they should be treated with tenderness and with the utmost dignity.

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