Do All Problems Originate With A Failure To Apply A Spiritual Principle?

Do all problems originate with a failure to apply a spiritual principle? Could that be so? How is that so?

This article is based on Galatians chapter five verses sixteen to twenty-six, which you might want to read.

There is a constant battle going on within ourselves between the spiritual and the physical, between the spirit and the flesh. If we don’t cultivate and nourish our spiritual side then the flesh will have its ways. That’s why God wants us to become spiritual people and reflect in our lives His personality.

Let’s take a few examples for the sake of the argument. What

would be a characteristic that helps us to reflect God’s personality the best? For sure, a foremost characteristic is the showing of love for our neighbor.

What happens when we don’t show love? What are the results of not showing love? Would you not agree that wars, broken homes, racism and crime are the results of not showing love? We cannot indulge in those activities and make the claim

that we love God or our neighbors.

What is love? According to the previously stated verses of Galatians 5:16-26: it the first aspect mentioned which encompasses the fruitage of God’s spirit.

Think of other problems people face such as: alcohol abuse, drug abuse, cheating or gambling. What is their origin? What is the origin of such problems? Is it not a lack of temperance (self-control)?

What is temperance? Is it not the last aspect of the fruitage of God’s spirit?

We can see that all problems have their origin in a person being fleshly and not spiritual. So, would it not stand to reason that the more spiritual we become, the less problems we will have? Definitely, as all problems are a result of failure to apply a spiritual principle.

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