A Different Kind Of Killer

Why do people kill? Why do we kill? We kill in war. We kill in passion. We kill because we hate. We kill in rage. We kill accidentally. We kill in stupidity. Then there is a totally different kind of killer. What kind of killer is that? This article is based on a true story as found in Readerís Digest. The citation will appear at the end on the article. Twenty-one year-old Jamie Paxton went deer hunting with a crossbow one ordinary day like no other. This was to be a different kind of day that would shatter lives. Later
that day the sheriff paid his parents a visit to tell them that Jamie had been killed by rifle bullets. He had been murdered. Who had murdered him and why? Jamieís mother needed to know who killed him and why and to make the killer know her pain. She wanted to lure the killer into the open. So she started to write letters to the local paper addressed to the murderer telling him of

her feelings. About a year later, the killer wrote back. Why had he killed Jamie? Had Jamie done something terrible to the killer? No! He didnít even know Jamie. That fateful day the killer had an urge to kill someone, anyone! He was a serial killer. Someone that just kills! Jamie wasnít the first nor the last. Jamieís mother wrote more letters and eventually someone came forward who pointed to Thomas Lee Dillon that turned out to be the killer. Such individuals are a different kind of killer. They have no reason, no justification, they kill just to kill. They have no feelings, no qualms of conscience, they just kill. They probably enjoy killing. Probably in their upbringing, they were never shown love or disciplined. Therefore they have no love or fear of punishment. They are evil incarnate. They are truly a different kind of killer! Read John 8:37-47 Citation: Readerís Digest November 1995 ďTo Bait a KillerĒ condensed from The Plain Dealer by Stephen G. Michaud 1994 ________________ Reposted column.

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