Delicious Mango Delight Recipe

Mangoes, the fruit of love and a delight to the taste buds! Mango, the delightful-looking egg of the mango tree! Mango, an eye-pleasing delight and even more delightful to the palate!

Are ripe mangoes available where you live? Then you have to try this recipe. Good any time but especially in warm weather.

They are delicious eaten on their own. Just stick in the fridge on a hot day and take them out, cut, and enjoy.

However, you just have to try this simple recipe for yourself to spice things up.

What you will need is about three ripe mangoes, about six ripe bananas

and about 6 celery sticks. Of course you can change the amount to

suit your taste buds.

Wash the items and place the items in the fridge about three hours before you intend to eat them so that they are nice and cool.

Now take everything out and pass everything through a juicer except of course the mango pit and the banana peels. I use a champion juicer. I put a big bowl underneath and collect everything, the juice and the pulp. Waste nothing as there are nutrients in the mango skin.

Now, thoroughly stir what is in the bowl and serve. Delightful mango recipe! Yummy!

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