Can You Learn How To Make Something Valuable From Irritations?

Are there things or people that continuously bother you? Are there things or people that irritate you to no end? Are bothersome and irritating things and people necessarily bad? Are there some redeeming aspects to irritations? Can you learn how to make something valuable from irritations?

Do you know how a pearl is made? Yes, a pearl of high value is made from an irritant in the oyster’s body. As the oyster tries to protect itself from an irritant, it produces nacre to cover the irritant, to protect itself from an uncomfortable annoyance.

So, don’t forget that valuable pearls come from irritations?

And, don’t forget that something valuable and important can come out of irritants?

Do you have the correct view of irritations? Can you make pearls out of your irritations? Can you learn how to turn irritations into something valuable?

Why is this thing or person irritating you? Is it because you are sensitive in a certain area? Is there a flaw in an aspect of your personality? Is it because you lack an important

quality in your make-up? Might a little toleration be helpful in this situation?

Can repeated bouts with the irritant actually work out something valuable in you? Might this annoying person eventually produce a valuable quality is you like: love, compassion, kindness, self-control, patience, tolerance? And in the long-run make you a better and more valuable person?

So don’t view every irritation as a pain, pest, or annoyance. There might be a blessing in disguise in that situation.

So, developing the right attitude towards irritating people may take some time and a little bit of doing but who knows to what positive results it may lead? So, learn how to put up with things or people that bother you or irritate you; they may in time produce a “pearl” or a valuable personality trait in you that may be appreciated by many!

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