Can You Just Make Up Your Mind And Be Happy?

Can someone simply make up their minds to be happy? Is happiness a decision? Is it as simple as that?

That is what Donovan seems to be implying in his song: Make Up Your Mind to be Happy.

It’s a beautiful melodious song with a great positive message. The flute solo in the middle of the song is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. It is so soothing. It lifts the spirits.

Many have accomplished amazing feats and overcome great obstacles because they made up their minds to do it. Once you make a decision and stick

to it, great things result. People have climbed mountains, lost weight, stopped smoking, and changed their lives by simply making a decision to do it. It may not be easy but it is all possible because one has made up their mind.

I’m reminded of mothers that have done the impossible to protect their children. My brother was sick and dying and the doctor told her to take him and bury him. My mother did take him home but she nursed and nurtured him and he is over sixty years old.


I went through a huge heartbreak I had to fight with everything I could find. Listening to songs such as this one was a way to fight from going into the depths of despair. I can truly say that some fifteen years later I’m as happy as a human can be in this sad world.

Have you been saddened by some event or circumstance or by someone you loved dearly? Look up the song and see if it cheers you as he did me?

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I have over the years.

Is happiness a decision? Is it as simple as that? Is it just a song away? Do you need some encouragement? The: Make Up Your Mind to Be Happy! Do it! Don’t give up now!


Citation: Donovan's, Make Up Your Mind to be Happy

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