Can You Be Your Own Best Friend?

Can you be your own best friend? Is this a weird question? Or can you actually be your own best friend? And what does that mean?

Some, after being hurt and betrayed too many times decide that from then on, they will be their own best friend. Does that mean that they have no more friends? No, but they have decided that no one will ever get too close to them to be able to do any serious damage at least for a period of time. They will keep a comfortable breathing space between themselves and others.

They have many pursuits and

activities that they didn’t have time for before but now they will take the time and explore things that will bring them pleasure without having to worry about the happiness of someone else.

They now learn that there are many things that they can do by themselves. They don’t always need the company of someone else to enjoy an activity, at least not anyone special. They will befriend people along the way wherever they are or wherever they will go but once that activity

is over, they will not pursue any close friendship with these people. They may meet again or they may not. They will leave that to fate and not to any effort on their part.

Is that necessarily bad? Not at all! They will become a stronger person, not needing to always have someone to tag along. They will develop their inner character more. There are people everywhere one goes and it’s not hard to make some conversation with strangers on hand. So, for the time being that’s the way it is!

Not having any special close friends is not the end of the world. It is just trying something different for a while. You are your own person. You are in control. You are free to decide what you will do.

Being your own best friend may or may not be for you. But now at least you know that you have options. A different option but one nevertheless!

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I am a researcher, a writer, a poet and most important a truth-seeker in all subjects and matters under the sun. My favorite, all-time book is the Holy Bible.This is what I like to write about. Please visit often and see what I have discovered.

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