Can One Really Enjoy Life More By Having Less?

Can one actually enjoy life more when one has fewer things? Might that be true? Does such a lifestyle make sense? Should one send clutter to the cutter?

Through the ages, many wise people have learned that one needs very little to be truly happy. What did Jesus and Saint Paul have? What did Mahatma Gandhi have? What did Mother Theresa have?

They may not have had much as far as material things are concerned and yet they were amongst the richest and happiest people that have walked the earth. Contrary to popular belief, happiness does not come from things or possessions.


less does no mean being deprived

Having less does not mean a life of deprivation. It means that one can distinguish between what is important and essential and what is not. A person who learns that less is better is actually not deprived of anything of value.

There are really many benefits to having less. When one has less, one can actually enjoy life more, for one has more time to enjoy what is important. Time is more important than things. Things can only do so much but time is versatile. It can be used to do a large variety on things. When one runs out of time, all the things in the world cannot buy more time, as many with many things have found out.

What’s with this “obsession of possession” mentality? Why do people obsess to possess? Does one have to possess everything they see? Does one have to clutter every inch of space that they have?

Is it high time to learn to live with less and enjoy life more?

Sometimes more is not better. Someone once said, “the more I give the more I live.” If one has less to take care of, then one can give much of their time for the benefit of others: their family, their children, their friends, and even strangers. It is not a crime to give of one’s time.

There are many things that one doesn’t need to have. When one needs them, they can borrow

them. Maybe, each neighborhood should have a communal storing place, where they would put things that are just needed once in a while. These items would be available to all in the neighborhood. Of course, after one uses them they would return them to the place so that others could use them.

One always has to remember that the best things in life are free. Such things as: love, a smile, air, sunshine, friendship, mountains, rivers, fields, sunsets, sunrises, rain, rainbows, snow, etc.

What are some of the positive practical benefits of having less?

1) When one has less, it is so much easier to find things.

2) Having less makes it so much easier when one has to move.

3) Since one has fewer things to take care of, they have more time to enjoy the beautiful things that are free.

4) One can be more generous, giving away some things that one doesn’t need. This way others get to enjoy things that are just sitting around doing nothing but taking space.

5) How much easier it is to keep a house clean when fewer are the things in it?

6) One sleeps more peacefully, since one has less to worry about.

So, whether one has less by choice or by circumstances, why not try to enjoy living with less and see how much more time one will have to enjoy life?

Remember: no matter how much or how little one has; one can take absolutely nothing with them when life ends, except the good that they have done. So enjoy life more and enjoy it by having less!

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