Can A Gambler Ever Win Or Do They Always Lose?

Can a gambler ever win or do they always lose? Do gamblers ever really win?

Some might think that when it comes to gambling there are winners and losers. Would you be surprised to learn that gamblers never win?

Why do people gamble in the first place?

The basic reason people gamble is greed. They want to have a lot of money and they think that gambling is an easy and quick road to riches.

Another, is the thrill gambling gives them. Like a drug, the thrill they get from betting and gambling gets into their blood and they now have become addicted

and just can’t stop. Even when they lose much they still continue gambling. It becomes so hard to stop.

Do gamblers ever win?

Any win is temporary at best but eventually it leads to loss. Some are losers because they lose their money. Some are losers because they soon start to steal to fuel their gambling addiction. Gambling can cause some to lose a marriage mate because money is wasted instead of being used to care for family


The ultimate loss all gamblers must face.

Jesus said that there was no value to gaining the whole world if one would lose their soul. All gamblers will lose their soul or future life because gambling is a sin. The main reason people gamble is greed and no greedy person can enter the kingdom of God. They are not working for the money. They are coveting somebody else’s money. (See Matthew 16:26, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10)

It is wise to fight and get rid of the gambling addiction. Better to never even start gambling, as it is a tough addition to fight and overcome. However, as tough as it may be, all addictions including the gambling addiction can be beat.

Remember, that in the end, gamblers always lose and that they never win.

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